Our story

The Kansas Association of Licensed Private Child Care Agencies (KALPCCA) was founded in 1954 by United Methodist Youthville, St. Francis Academy and St. Joseph’s Home as an association of private, nonprofit child welfare agencies focused on residential group homes and services. In 1990, KALPCCA changed its name to Children’s Alliance of Kansas, Inc. Through the years, we have experienced change alongside our members as their expertise has expanded to include:

  • Family Support & Preservation
  • Foster Care
  • Adoption & Permanency
  • Mental Health
  • Prevention Programs
  • Addiction Treatment
  • Services to Victims of Human Trafficking

Children’s Alliance of Kansas served as an essential part of the process in bridging the communication between local and state governments and the member agencies as Kansas became the first privatized child welfare system in the nation in 1995. In 2009, Children’s Alliance purchased the Model Approach to Partnerships in Parenting (MAPP), a series of child welfare training and development programs utilized across the country and around the world. Since that time, Children’s Alliance has established itself as a leader in advocacy, education and networking as together with our members we work to strengthen children, families and communities.


Child serving agencies have the network, resources and support needed to strengthen children, families and communities.


The Alliance supports member agencies to strengthen children and families


  • Provide a means for the exchanges of ideas, information and the discussion of subjects related to the care and treatment of children and strengthening of families.
  • Support and encourage the raising of professional standards of services provided to children and families.
  • Provide expert assistance in the drafting and promotion of legislation, regulations and standards for the provision of services to children and families.
  • Educate and increase public interest in issues affecting children and their families.
  • Take positive action to safeguard and advocate for the welfare of all Kansas children.
  • Enhance cooperation among agencies through communication and mutual understanding.
  • Encourage professional development in the field through education, research and training.