Online Courses

Online Training Programs

The Children’s Alliance has developed several online courses for foster/adoptive parents, residential childcare workers, and child welfare professionals. Some of these courses are designed to meet licensing requirements, but are also useful to a wide variety of individuals who work with children and youth. Other courses provide learners the opportunity to further explore topics of interest to them and their ongoing development in the work they do for children and families.

Self-paced or instructor-led

Audio, video, graphics and written text are incorporated into all of the courses. Instructor-led sessions include both independent online assignments and interaction with instructor and students in a classroom discussion forum. Whether led by an instructor, or self-paced, all current courses are completely asynchronous. They do not require the whole class to meet at a specific time in a “webinar” environment.

Instructor-led Courses

Our instructor-led courses are high quality offerings with online instructors who are available to guide the participants through the completion of the course requirements. Students will be required to respond to discussion questions online and interact with others enrolled in the class. These classes are offered for 2-3 weeks per session several times a year.

The content of each course is designed to take advantage of the unique strengths of the Internet while maintaining the communication exchange of a live class. For some courses, the amount of credit available varies depending upon the level each student decides to pursue at the beginning of the course. It is approximately equivalent to the projected amount of time necessary to complete the course work assigned by the instructor. Our goal has been to make these Offerings as close as possible to the current clock/seat hours system, while recognizing that these courses are more closely related to a college credit system.

Out of state students are welcome to participate when space is available. The Alliance will work with the appropriate review boards in other states to obtain CEU credit as requested by out-of-state students.

There is typically a limit of 20 registrants per course. They will be processed on a first-come-first-served basis. Because of the classroom-like interaction component, it is important to reserve your seat well before the start of the course in order to keep up with class discussion.

Self-paced Courses

Self-paced courses include quiz questions and activities to guide individuals through an independent learning process. There is no instructor to facilitate these classes and enrollment is not limited to any time specifications.

We currently offer three self-paced classes that can be accessed anytime. There is no instructor to facilitate these classes and enrollment is not limited to any time specifications (please click here to enroll).